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Why use 3D Floors Over Other Flooring Systems?

Now you can leave the ordinary, Kota's, Tiles, Marble Flooring's behind. With 3D floor coatings, you will see just how simple decorative seamless flooring can really be. Why install a 3D flooring system?

Decorative flooring - it's not just a picture, a large-scale art object, which fundamentally changes the idea of ​​what might look like flooring. On the one hand - it's surface, and the other - a whole image, with all shades and textures. Strong and durable coating on which man walks in the room can be a beautiful, creative and unique

3D technology developers hardly imagine how varied and interesting their ideas are for the future. Today polymer screeds do in shopping malls, large halls, office buildings, apartments; many do flood floors with their own hands. This is explained not only external beauty of the floor, but also its performance.

Environmentally friendly. Its structure resembles a decorative stone floor. Therefore, no caustic odors or fumes from the cover, there can be.

High strength and longevity. When installed correctly, the floor filler retain their properties for a long time. Color, gloss and smooth surface will not disappear over time and do not fade. A studs of shoes, heavy furniture and dirt will not compromise the integrity and appearance of 3D floors.

Easy care screeds. No cracks , voids and small clearances makes the coating is impervious to any dirt, dust, water, and chemical agents . 3D floor filler survive even prolonged exposure to abrasive particles and chlorine. Any cleaning (wet or dry ) does not present difficulties and will not take much time.

Liquid 3D floors appeared relatively recently - just a few years ago. The first place they were laying new hotels, offices and shopping centers. And many are mistaken when they think that the apartment decorative screeds can only be used in the bathroom or toilet.

In fact, draft 3D cover is suitable in any room. Today, flood floors mounted not only in public institutions, hotels, banquet halls and cafes. This is normal and small-sized apartments and country houses, and even villas. Because of their unique aesthetic and external visualizations, polymer screeds 3D solves many design problems of any premises:

In small apartments properly chosen colors and images visually enlarge the space.

In large rooms and lobby they become part of the interior, its twist. Imitation wood, stone complex textures, the presence of various materials (coins, stones, sculpture, sequins and other) allow us to make the floor a work of art).

Scope of application 3D floors:

  • Public and administrative buildings
  • Stairs, corridors, playgrounds
  • Car stores, garages, parking lots
  • Shopping malls, shops, boutiques, offices
  • Hotels/li>
  • Bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants;
  • Laboratories, clinics, hospitals, medical centers
  • Schools, kindergartens and institutions;
  • Town houses, villas, apartments, private houses
  • Exhibition halls, theaters, galleries, museums
  • Pools and much more.

Multilayer structure and different ways fill decorative floor became a new word in the layout and design of any premises - from the toilet to the hotel lobby and waiting room airport.

In various styles and directions, such as high-tech, abstract classicism and even 3D floor filler allows you to implement the most irrepressible imagination and designer and owner of the house.

Oddly enough, many just using 3D technology coatings give vent to their creativity.


3D Epoxy Walls are the new, best and the smartest alternative way to decorate your walls. It can be applied to residential and commercial places such as your homes, office, bedrooms, cabin etc.


Pure Metallic Epoxy floor coatings. The Next Generation of Flooring Coverings Our metallic floor coating is a 100% solid, two component custom flooring system. We are a certified installer and the material we use is comprised of a special formulated with a pearlescent metallic pigment. This metallic flooring system can be roller or squeegee applied to your basement floor, garage floor, or virtually any concrete floor that has been repaired and / or prepared properly. These metallic floor coatings require a primer coat, metallic 100% solids base-coat, an optional UV resistant Polycrystalline clearcoat.

The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own.

Some of our customers say Pure Metallic floors resemble moon craters, a lava lamp, lighting strikes, marble countertops, shimmery glitter paint and they appear three dimensional.

Choose from any of our 19 Pure Metallic effects colors. You can create numerous types of color combinations as listed below:

Two-Tone Effect

a two-tone metallic effect which is the basecoat color plus a single Pure Metallic effect color on top.

Same Color Effect

A same color effect can be achieved by using the same color Pure Metallic basecoat and Pure Metallic effect.

Two Color Effect

Two color effects are achieved by using a Pure Metallic basecoat with two different Pure Metallic effects colors on top.

We limit the maximum number or Pure Metallic effects colors in our store to three. We've tested that any more than three colors become too busy and muddy. We recommend only using one or two colors but if you would like a third, it is available.

Our Solutions

Our unique Epoxy flooring provides the highest quality design for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic demands. The perfect choice for creating flawless Designer Metallic Epoxy Floors. Our 100% Solids Designer Epoxy is the key to both yours and our success.


Bring your Tables to life with our 3D Table tops. We use high-end Epoxy wood proofing technology to bring a theme of your choice to your table tops. Let it be your Kid’s study table or your dining table we can give it a new life.

Most preferable places of table tops :

  • Restaurant tables
  • Hotel Reception tables
  • Office tables
  • Bar tables


How long will people use false ceiling?

Now there is a change!!!

It’s 3d epoxy ceiling- These ceilings are the new trend in ceiling technology, which will bring you the artificial universe on your ceiling, Where you can feel live when you relax on your bed.

Types of floors

Monochrome self-leveling floor can be both glossy and matte color is chosen according to the international color catalog Ral (also available in metallic and fluorescent colors), as well common type of decoration monochrome floor powders its various Flock (chips), and glitters.

Self-leveling floor with patterns of varying complexity, from the graphics up to the screen exclusive works of the artist versions topcoat may be glossy and matte 2D floor covering containing a picture of all sizes and formats, it is recommended to leave only the glossy, as haze blurs the boundaries of the image, a glossy topcoat can add glitter that will add spice coating

3D floor, essentially the same as the 2D floor, but the highlight in image processing, image proportions are changed (Figure drawn in perspective) and the image when viewed from the correct angle and the point becomes three-dimensional variant of execution extremely glossy finish.

Polymer mosaic floor design on the basis of a polymer binder and mineral fillers, from semi-precious stones (marble, serpentine, granite, etc...) To semi-precious (onyx, topaz, amethyst, garnet, etc.), the performance of high-gloss, incomparable game stone to light it is worth it.

Quartz-filled floors, based on quartz sand painted in different colors, versions, glossy and matte Ability to use gender as advertising, information booth, galleries allowed many companies and firms to create the finished look of the room.

After all, the logo on the floor always draws attention. And if he still has the ability to render 3D , then it is not just a logo - it's aerobatics design ideas .Incredible opportunities flooded floors allow the use of 3D image quality your own photos or finished wallpaper. Home or office such images often become the main link in the interior. It is not the floor to pick up the color of the walls and furniture, the whole interior is matched to the floor.

Technology for installation of decorative 3D self-leveling epoxy floors.

Perhaps the question of self-leveling floor installation is the most difficult. External beauty and durability of the coating is directly dependent on how well and efficiently performed works by filling the floor. Many construction companies are now offering service mount epoxy floor covering but only few companies know the technology of installation of 3D epoxy floors, and find them there is no difficulty.

You can try to fill an 3D floor with their hands on their own, but you must thoroughly acquainted not only with the composition of the polymers and paints, but with the technology itself. It includes the following steps:

Production of the base under the filler 3D cover. Usually it is level Crete having a perfectly flat surface, without bevels, holes, cracks. Slightest irregularity or bias will inevitably lead to blistering, cracking the floor.

Meet the requirements of processing substrates before application of the coating. This includes a thorough cleansing prepares the foundations of dirt, sand and dust. For better bonding and self-leveling floor foundations need to pre-treat it with primer.

Strict control moisture base. Ignoring this step is equivalent to wasted money. Humidity should be minimal, otherwise bonding the polymer to the substrate will not be simple, and the coating is covered with cracks.

Features and structure of self-leveling 3D floors

Self-Leveling 3D epoxy floors - a floor covering that is not just have numbers, but by themselves is drawing or image. Roughly speaking, the image under the translucent layer, which, moreover, also the floor. The most commonly used visual images appear ready prints. They are printed on a special photo printer on the set sizes. Therefore, for any size room can choose a favorite pattern.

3D epoxy floor composition is as follows:

  • Two-component primer
  • Two- component stucco
  • Self-leveling screed.
  • Image (photo, drawing independent of ink or paper).
  • The transparent two-component polymer
  • Protective lacquer.

Also the structure may include a variety of decorative "stuff" - coins, figurines, pieces of material, and the like. All this will determine the future overall design and floor space as a whole.

If we talk about the features of self-leveling floor, then they should include more technology fills than the final result. The installation process is time consuming and requires patience. That is why the services wizard laying decorative floor are sometimes more expensive than the floor.

NEWMOON QATAR offers supply and installation of 3D epoxy floors different designs and colors.

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