Fire Proofing Works

We provides clients with more than 10 years of experience in delivering successful fireproofing projects.We specialize in cementitious fireproofing (cement-based protection); mineral fiber fireproofing (interior or semi-exposed spaces); as well as intumescent fireproofing (applied as a protective paint). Fireproofing applications would typically include steel decking, structural beams, and siding systems.

If you need On-Site Services, we work around your hours of operation to provide flame retardant application and certification of your fabrics, as well as cleaning, repair work, and water and stain resistance treatments.

Our Fireproofing Service Offerings Include:

  • Epoxy systems.
  • Form and pour.
  • Pneumatic, spray and troweled applications.
  • Dense concrete and lightweight cementitious.
  • Hand packing.

Please contact us about fireproofing options for your commercial or multi-family residential construction project.

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