Crack Injection

Crack Injection

Our team is one of the most versatile, concrete repairing team in Qatar. We serve the nation with our excellence, experience and commitment. Concrete repair by Crack Injection is very often in the construction development era, as it is the only available alternative for strengthening the concrete in minimum cost.

A crack is of course a sign of improper curing, inadequate design or structure failure. Cracks allow moisture and other contaminants to penetrate and the rebar deteriorates losing the structural value. The purpose and object of crack injection is multiple. First it prevents the moisture entry and secondly it welds the structure monolithically.

What makes us different?

Job Analysis- Crack injection can weld and strengthen the structure but it will not repair the cause of cracking. Therefore the most important step is diagnosis. The concrete requires an efficient structural engineering analysis. Often, inadequate design or structural expansion or contraction can be the cause of cracking. A detailed and functional study of the structure is essential for ensuring maximum results. Our professional excellence and experience in concrete repair with an 'N' number of specialists, and technicians makes our service effective and meaningful.


Injection Preparation

To ensure maximum results, the preparation before injection shall be done by experienced and skilled professionals only. Thus, the preparation shall be a continuation to the detailed structural engineering analysis.

Port Setting

Drilling shall be done with a vacuum attached swivel drill machine to ensure the ports are free from concrete dust. Or otherwise, this concrete dust and debris may be detrimental to the injection process in several ways.

Port setting, Sealing & Testing

The criteria for aligning the ports over or beside the cracks shall vary depend on the nature of the crack, its width, length and location. The ports shall be fitted in to the drilled holes and sealed properly using epoxy sealer.

Such ports can be tested with injecting water, and that can be helpful to remove any dust or remaining loose particles from the crack. (The water injection is advisable only in continuation with crack analysis).



The injection should be of very low viscosity for most applications. From the point of injection, the injecting resin can travel several feet. Low viscosity injection ensures maximum travel and it can reach even in to hairline cracks.

When the injecting material comes out through the crack, port or from the circumstances it came to understood that the flow is stopped, immediately seal the port and continue with the injection in the next port.

Weather & Injection

Extreme weather may cause substantial change in the surface as well as viscosity of the injection resin.

A hot substrate results in premature jellying of the resin with sequential loss of penetration. So precautions are necessary while carrying the injection in extreme hot weather. It is advisable to shade the surface before injection or water cooling the surface.

In freezing condition, determining the presence of ice inside in the crack is critical. While injecting in these conditions, the resin will not bond to the surface and no structural welding will result. It is safely to preheat the substrate before proceeding with the injection.


Result Oriented Injection

Our technical excellence and commitment with professionalism can assist you in concrete repair; much better than anyone else.

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