Grouting Works - Soil Stabilization

We are one of the leading service provider of Grouting Service specially in construction field & we are specialized on Grouting works in QATAR and INDIA

Among other technique of stabilization techniques, the grouting is one of the most expensive methods where some kind of stabilizing agent inserted into the soil mass under pressure. The pressure forces the agent into the soil voids in a limited space around the injection tube. The agent reacts with the soil and /or itself to form a stable mass. The most common grout is an admixture of cement and water, with or without sand. It has a large number of applications such as:

  1. Control of water problems by filling cracks and pores.
  2. Prevention of sand densification beneath adjacent structures due to pile driving.
  3. Underpinning using compaction (displacement) grouting.
  4. Reducing vibrations by stiffening the soil.
  5. Reducing settlements by filling voids and cementing the soil structure more firmly.

Our Services include

  • Pressure & Injection Grouting
  • Anchor Grout & Re-Baring Job Work
  • Cementitious Grouting Service
  • Tiles Grouting Services
  • Epoxy Grouting Services

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