Concrete Repair and Structural Strengthening

We provide engineering solutions for Concrete Strengthening and Rehabilitation

We specialize specifically in the upgrade, modification, and repair of all concrete structures. We have the ability to provide services from supply and installation up to detailed design and construct solutions for most situations.

Structural strengthening, restoring and adding capacity, is an integral part of today’s concrete repair industry. Structural strengthening may be required for increasing load capacity of beams, columns, walls, and/or slabs, seismic retrofitting, supporting additional live or dead loads not included in original design, to relieve stresses generated by design or construction errors, or to restore original load capacity to damaged structural elements.

Ours is an acknowledged name in the industry for rendering concrete structure repairing & strengthening services to the clients across Middle East & India. Even a small crack can affect the overall performance of any structure. Usually, epoxy injections are used for restoring the robustness of the structures. Therefore, we repair the damage to restore its structural characteristics. Our services are available at affordable charges. Moreover, we make sure that the repair work is undertaken within the stipulated timeframe.


Application areas:

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